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TEDx TUM talk by Prof. Gerhard Schmitt

A vision of the responsive city of the future

Cities are among the greatest accomplishments of mankind – but they have not quite learned to respond to the needs of their inhabitants yet. Gerhard Schmitt believes that the communication between the city of the future and its people should be bi-directional. He reveals some approaches to make this possible, and interleaves his research with numerous, fascinating examples from people shaping their cities around the world.

Check the TEDx talk by Prof. Gerhard Schmitt on responsive cities:

Werkstattgespräch: Die Zukunft bauen

An ETH Werkstattgespräch in Singapore with Gerhard Schmitt, the founding director of the SEC (Singapore-ETH Centre), which aims to strengthen the capacity of Singapore and Switzerland to research, understand and actively respond to the challenges of global environmental sustainability.

Gerhard Schmitt
Professor für Informationsarchitektur ETH Zürich, Delegierter ETH Global

ETH ID Multimedia Services: Roland Lanz, Nathalie Schmidig
Oliver Stebler (ETH Zürich)

Produktion, Postproduktion:
Oliver Stebler (ETH Zürich)

ETH Zürich: Denise Weber (Organisation), Barbara Wittneben, Reto Knutti, Thomas Häusermann, Dani Zünd
Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC): Geraldine Ee Li Leng (Organisation)
Visualisierungen: ETH Zürich, Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC), Senozon AG, Perkins+Will
Drehbewilligungen Singapur: MacRitchie Reservoir Park, Gardens by the Bay, 1-Altitude
Nikon Schweiz AG, Swiss International Air Lines AG

ETH Zürich (14.9.2016)


Teaching The Unknown

As an invited guest in Moon & Jeon's exhibition "News from Nowhere" we present the roughly 2000 images sent in as part of three exercises in our MOOC using an interactive touch-screen application. The app features three modes: 1) all messages 2) a game 3) an exhibition history.

MIGROS Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Escher-Wyss-Platz, Zürich

Interactive Installation at MIGROS Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Escher-Wyss-Platz, Zürich

As an invited guest in Moon & Jeon’s exhibition “News from Nowhere” we present the roughly 2000 images sent in as part of three exercises in our MOOC using an interactive touch-screen application. The app features three modes: 1) explore all images with the corresponding description by the students, 2) a guessing game in which the visitor has to guess the location of an arbitrary image from 240 preselected images and 3) a statistics view in which the visitor is presented his own rank as well as the ranks of the cities: a rank that shows how well the cities have been recognized throughout the whole exhibition.

Migros Museum


Haze update: Scientists visit Orchard Road

Gideon Aschwanden measures air pollution in Singapore before and during the haze period

Commentary available at Straits Times Singapore

Inclusive, cooler cities: A different take on liveability

Prof. Schmitt’s commentary on city development and liveability based on the work of SEC’s “Future City Lab” in Singapore.

Commentary available at

Christmas Projections 2012

Science City Christmas Projections 2012 from iA.

For Christmas 2012 the projections at our Science City Campus were created in an intensive seminar week in October. They were presented together some projections of the last years.


Interview Prof. Gerhard Schmitt Hochparterre Magzine for Architecture and Design – November 2012

Hochparterre, Magazine for Architecture and Design, November 2012Cover Hochparterre


Article in the blue Magazine
BLUE – Vontobel Private Banking – the magazine for private clients
Autumn Edition 2012

Architectural Projections in Baden

Architectural Projections Stadtfest Baden from iA.

This is a projected visual illusion on a building in real scale, part of the FS2012 | Projections. Cooperation between ETH Zürich, Information Architecture and Stadtfest Baden.

More pictures in this link.

Featured on

Our spatial illusion projections were mentioned on, which ensued a vivid discussion about the reactions of passers-by.