Major Course: NEWSIM

The course consists of lectures and exercises of state-of-the-art and emerging simulation methods that can assist urban planners, architects and landscape planners in the design process. The simulations are based on the stocks and flows model and include parameters such as density, transportation, materials, capital, sustainability and visualization.

Course number: 063-1358-12L 

The course is structured into nine lectures, including one guest lecture, nine exercises, individual coaching hours every Thursday and independent work. Working in groups is a core part of the didactic concept. The course is coordinated with Simulating Urban Design Futures

Flyer   Schedule

Lecture, Mo 9:00-10:30, HIT F22 – Value Lab: Jan Halatsch, Lukas Treyer

Exercises, Mo 10:45-13:00, HIT H12: Jan Halatsch, Julia Dyllong

Graded oral examination at the end of semester.
Successful participation in exercise course and semester project thesis.

Further Information from Kanton ZH for your project works, future scenarios of Altstetten, Zurich:
Informationsveranstaltung: Neues Verkehrskonzept Altstetten
Arbeitsgebiet Bahnhof Altstetten
Projekte in Planung und realisierte Vorhaben
Räumliche Entwicklungsstrategie
Richtplanung | Siedlung und Landschaft
Richtplanung | Öffentliche Bauten und Anlagen


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