Dr. Peter Buš


Postdoctoral researcher & lecturer

Research summary

Peter is a Postdoctoral researcher and a co-leader of Digital Urban Simulation course at the Chair of Information Architecture. Trained as an architect and researcher in the field of computational design modelling he focuses on generative models and advanced urban simulations that can help architects and urban planners in the decision-making, planning and design processes. Peter’s long-term research is based on an investigation of phenomenon of emergence and urban autopoiesis in terms of self-creation and self-organisation of bottom-up urban patterns. Peter focuses on local-scale phenomena in behavioural urban models in order to identify patterns, potentials and strategies how to improve conditions for a livability in an investigated environment. By means of visual language which is being developed within the framework of custom-based computational models and visualisations he concentrates on more complex relations which forms the urban entirety.

Prior to obtaining his PhD degree from the MOLAB Cabinet of Architectural Modelling at the CTU in Prague, Peter gained experience as a practising architect and as a researcher at the Future Cities Laboratory Singapore ETH Centre. Peter holds Bachelor of Arts (2002) and Master of Arts in Architecture (2004) from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia.


Teaching : Digital Urban Simulation

Website: http://www.archa3d.com


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