Dr. Mei-Chih Chang


Mei-Chih Chang is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Chair of Information architecture. Owing to two backgrounds: the architecture design and the computer science, the topics of her researches try to find solutions from the computer science to solve problems in the architecture. Currently, her researches focus on three fields: one is Design Oriented Cognitive Computing, which takes machine learning/deep learning methodologies to do urban data analytics and combines urban design rules & space syntax theory to automatically generate possible better complex urban plans. The second one is the game-theory based voting system, which uses Ethereum as the basic network security system to help citizen participatory designs reach the consensus. The final one is “A holistic view on the impacts of removing links, an exemplary study in Einsiedeln”, which is a tool developed to support decision making, by enabling interested parties to interactively explore¬†different scenarios and immediately receive feedback on the impact they might have. She has many publications in the domain of Computer Science, Digital Architecture Design and Civil Engineering.

Publications: ResearchGate