L04_Space syntax II

Dr. Reinhard König / Space syntax II


Exercise 1:

• Take a map of your neighbourhood (ca. square kilometer around it)
• Construct an axial map
• Import this map to Depthmap
• Run a segment analysis and calculate choice and integration
• Interprete the results based on your experience
Deadline/Submission: 24.03.2014

Exercise template: Exercise4.indd


Exercise 2 (depends on the final project):

• Take a map and visit the site
• Make photos of two very populated areas (pedestrians or traffic)
• Make photos of two very quiet areas (good for residential land use or
recreation etc.)
• Mark the places and viewing direction of the photos in the map and
document it on the layout template.

Deadline/Submission: 24.03.2014

Exercise template: Exercise5.indd