L02 – Smart Code

HS2011 - New Methods in Urban Simulation - Lecture 2 from iA.

This lecture introduces to Form-based Code as a technique for creating urban typology catalogs. The method “Transect Zoning” is exemplified and a critique is given for “New Urbanism”, which is intensively using Form-based Codes.

Lecture as slides, PDF (ca. 30 MB)


  1. SmartCode Version 9.2 and manual, Center for Applied Transect Studies (CATS), http://www.transect.org/docs/3000-BookletSC-pdf.zip
  2. Clemente, O., Ewing, R., Handy, S., Brownson, R., & Winston, E. (2005). Measuring Urban Design Qualities – An Illustrated Field Manual. Princeton, NJ: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. http://www.activelivingresearch.org/files/FieldManual_071605.pdf