L01 – Space Syntax I

Dr. Reinhard König / Space Syntax I


Slides (PDF):


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Thanks a lot to Sven Schneider from Bauhaus-University Weimar for providing the slides for this lecture!



1. Floorplan

•Draw a schematic floorplan of your flat
•Construct a convex map out of it
•Calculate Integration and Choice
•Analyse the relationship of individual rooms
and compare it with your experience
Deadline/Submission: 7.10.2013

2. Neighbourhood

• Take a map of your neighbourhood (ca. square kilometer around it)
•Construct an axial map
• Import this map to Depthmap
•Run a segment analysis and calculate choice and integration
• Interprete the results based on your experience
Deadline/Submission: 7.10.2013

3. Case-study

• Take a map and visit the site
• Make photos of two very populated areas (pedestrians or traffic)
• Make photos of two very quiet areas (good for residential land use or
recreation etc.)
• Mark the places and viewing direction of the photos in the map and
document it on the layout template.
Deadline/Submission: 7.10.2013

Template for exercises: L01_Template

Rating for exercises 1 – 3:

Nummer Exersice 1 Exersice 2 Exersice 3 Comments
10-724-565 2 2 3 the descriptions for all exersices are missing. There is only a conclusion.
09-811-944 3 3 3  
13-907-910 3 3 3  
08-921-579  3  3  
09-983-503 2 2 3 please no group work; only choice analysis in E1 & E2, integration is missing.
07-928-005 2 2 3 please no group work;  only choice analysis in E1; only integration analysis in E2.
09-921-453 3 3 3 Can you submit your description in english for our final documetation? Your analysis are fine, but our intetion was that you shall use convex map analysis in depthmap.
01-808-799 3 3 3  
08-800-591 3 3 3  


Please submit your work as original file and as pdf by email to Dr. König. If possible combine all files to a zip archive. Name all files with your name plus number of exercise.