Integrated and interactive planning system for monitoring, evaluating and designing cities (link to internal post)

The project aimed to develop a framework for visualization of urban analysis and planning scenarios for data from various sources and for coupling of different simulation applications. With this framework it became possible to compare results of various analysis models, what in turn allowed to support and understand complex climate related decision making processes. There is a clear demand for such a framework, since it is important for various stakeholders to integrate climate change- aware planning strategies to their daily business. Visualisations are essential to communicate complex decisions and possible alternatives to the public to achieve broad consensus about societal transition processes. Based on the developed framework one main project result was a marketplace for apps to simulate and analyse climate mitigation processes. On the one hand side e.g. communities or stakeholders can choose relevant apps for specific planning purposes like monitoring, evaluating and designing cities from block to regional scales. On the other hand side the marketplace serves as fundament for the development of further apps. An appropriate template and detailed instructions was provided by this project. The described results can be used for innovative participatory planning concepts e.g. by simplify integration of feedback loops, by learning from other decision-making processes as simulations and process designs can be reused for other planning scenarios. Finally the framework allows to create a repository of past results of decision-making processes and to collect evaluations on the implemented projects.


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