Interactive Procedural City Models

Jan Halatsch

Jans PhD thesis concentrated on the simplification of micro- climate models. Interactive micro-climate evaluation techniques could help significantly in the early design stage to prevent from poor urban planning. A huge contribution was expected by coupling different urban physics models into an integrated rule-based 3D city model that is aware of different climatic scales. Therefore, an existing procedural 3D city modeling process was extended to include computations for urban physics into an interactive city model. The urban physics calculations was integrated in a 3D modeling environment, providing instant feedback to the users on the developed models.

Involved Research Projects

Climate-KIC Smart Urban Adapt (SUA)

NRP65 Sustainable Urban Patterns (SUPat)

Computer-assisted interactive planning of energy- and CO2-efficient cities

ETH Value Lab

Selected Publication

Halatsch, J., Kunze, A., and Schmitt, G., 2008. Using Shape Grammars for Master Planning. Design Computing and Cognition DCC’08. J.S. Gero (ed), Springer, 655-673. (link)

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