Ing Arch Kateřina Nováková


Kateřina Nováková studied at the Faculty of Architecture on ČVUT in Prague, Czech Republic. She was a visiting student at TUGraz, Austria, where she was in contact with new technologies in architecture and programming. She is continuing her studies in Prague, where she lectures Graphic design and assists a design studio since 2008. In both sessions she applies non traditional methods of teaching. In the graphic design lectures she and her students produced comic books which were accepted by the Technical Library. The design studio “Experimental Atelier” under the leadership of Henri Achten, focuses on web remote cooperation in process and sustainability and garbage in topic. Currently Kateřina was granted a full scholarship at ETH Zurich and she is devoted to her research at the Chair for Information Architecture. At ETH Zurich her focus is to introduce technology (of the Value Lab) into teaching.