zurich vbz routes and schedulesbucheggplatz3D+OSLVIZ + python snippets

Follow the two links to get a roughly estimated 3D model of Bucheggplatz and VBZ schedule data (originally downloaded from 

zurich vbz routes and schedules, source 
bucheggplatz3D+OSLVIZ: file used to create the intro movie. open it, make a test render, switch to compositing and/or scripting layout to look at the inner workings.


Python and JSON files:

import json
path = “/path/to/geo/geojson/routes.json”
f = open(path)
jsn = json.load(f)
features = jsn.get(“features”)

Python and CSV files:

import csv
s = “your file location”
f = open(s, ‘rt’, encoding=”utf8″)
r = csv.reader(f, delimiter=”;”)
for row in r:

Python and amplitudes of wave files:

import wave
for i in range(w.getnframes()):
    frame = w.readframes(i)

All lines of Bucheggplatz uses pyproj: downloads and explanation here.