Seminarweek – Future Cities Asia

Our destination is Singapore, an island country that ranks as having the best quality of life in Asia. Singapore is one of the most dynamic Asi- an hubs and boasts prime knowledge in advan- ced city planning accommodating the second most densely populated country in the world.
Moving away from inefficient and polluted quar- ters and city areas, Singapore has reinvented itself even constructing beyond its natural island borders. Advanced city planning in Asia is an outcome of meticulous strategies developed in Singapore. Students partaking in the seminar will be able to gain first hand knowledge of how this is achieved in Singapore.
Singapore is also the location of the Singapore- ETH Centre SEC and of the Future Cities Labo- ratory FCL. Students will experience the three levels FCL operates on: Small (S, building tech- nology), Medium (M, neighbourhood) and Large (L, territorial planning).
The focus of the seminar week is based on all levels from zero emission buildings in the tro- pics (S) to urban planning in Singapore (M) and advanced city planning in Asia (L). Students will gain insight into transportation, urban planning, public housing and sustainability, returning with a deep intuitive understanding of future cities in Asia.


Dates: 18.03. – 27.03.2011
Costs: 1700 CHF
Martina Sehmi (