Are there methods to link stakeholder participation with the design process? How can we visualize the intentions of differ-ent stakeholders? Is it possible to derive design rules from these visualizations?

The Swiss Villages Abu Dhabi (SVA) are located at the very heart of Masdar City, which will be the first city that is CO2 neu-tral. The Foundation for Global Sustainability (ffgs.org) and the Chair for Information Architecture research new methods in participatory design. The seminar week will be about the evaluation of these new techniques. In this course you will learn new collaborative visualization techniques that can be integrated in a pre-design phase for concrete design requirement specification. There will be workshops and interviews together with the stakeholders of the SVA. The participants of the seminar week will assemble architectural use case concepts from the gathered insights. The results will be conceptual visu-alizations and building regulations for sustainable cities. Additionally, there will be the opportunity to write a thesis elective that will be used as an input for the development of the SVA.

Location, HIT F22 | Value Lab: Antje Kunze, Julia Dyllong
Charges, Category A (free)

Participants of the masters program in architecture with focus in urban planning and urban modeling. NOTE: Course is limited to 10 participants.

Credit points:
Successful participation will be honored with 1 ECTS and grade.

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