Investigating the modernists’ city utopias of the 20th century

Flyer Seminarwoche FS2009

Is it possible to map urban planning regulations together with your own design intentions? Are there methods which help to meet the high requirements on sustainable city designs? Is it possible to code a city?

This is an interactive workshop between lecturers and students within the brand new Value Lab – a collaborative screen space.

The participants will analyze, describe and criticize the urban utopias of the modernists’ age. Examples from Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright (and others) will serve as a basis. As a result participants can compare their own design proposals with the modernists’ originals and discusse the final outcome. Additionally, they will get an introduction into programming and learn how to use the sophisticated architectural programming language CGA. For the digital reconstruction a comprehensive architectural design library will be available.

The resulting three dimensional city models created by the participants will include street patterns, parcel plans, and building typologies.

The participants will learn to generate a digital city model with the use of the new software CityEngine by Procedural Inc. The model will be visualized with the high-end realtime rendering engine rtt Deltagen and presented inside the Value Lab at the end of the seminar week.

Flyer Seminarweek FS2009