As the world leader in visual computing, NVIDIA® constantly looks for what’s next and invests in rendering solutions that advance the state of visualization by developing rendering technologies in conjunction with GPU architectures and compute languages. NVIDIA delivers and accelerates a spectrum of possibilities, ranging from the underlying technologies for building or accelerating custom rendering applications, to complete rendering solutions shipping within world leading 3D Design and Entertainment tools.

www.nvidia.com | ‘Advancing the state of visualization’


Submission till Friday, May 4th 2012, 18:00 by uploading to the student server
– afp://schmitt-server.ethz.ch/schmitt-stud
– smb:schmitt-server.ethz.chschmitt-stud


  • one .pdf document with five renderings (overview and zoom in)


Please mark each document with your group name.
Naming scheme: E03_Group01_Surname1Surname2… .pdf

With this exercise you will create renderings of your respective future scenario of Altstetten, Zurich.
During the exercise you will get to know the NVIDIA® reality server learn how to develop advanced renderings.

For further help you can use the given Tutorial.

At the Final Presentation on May 7th you will present your results of the Ecotect exercise as well as your urban analysis and your final renderings of your future scenario.


Reality Server | Advanced renderings ( 30pts)

  • Please import your future scenario file to the Nvidia reality server and do at least five renderings.


The participation in the exercise is mandatory.
Exercises will be graded. A not submitted exercise will be graded with “failed”.
Support requests by email iaurbansim@arch.ethz.ch are possible anytime.