E01 – City Engine Tutorials Part 1

Submission till Thursday, March 8th 2012, 18:00 by uploading to the student server
– afp://schmitt-server.ethz.ch/schmitt-stud
– smb:\schmitt-server.ethz.chschmitt-stud

A4 PDF per each tutorial.
Please mark each document with your name and the name of the tutorial.
Naming scheme: i.e. Name_Tutorial0.pdf


Work through the 5 selected CityEngine tutorials provided below.

The step-by-step tutorials can be found under the CityEngine HELP.
A short overview of the CityEngine workspace is given here

This will be your practical fundament for the course. Please take advantage out of the H12 Computer Cluster for learning the software, printing (a free of charge color printer is situated at the Chair for Information Architecture) as well as individual coaching hours every Thursday.

Please Provide 2-6 screenshots per tutorial. The results of each tutorial have to be reported on a seperate A4 PDF.


CityEngine Tutorials Part 1 (25 pts)

No.1 CityEngine Basics Tutorial

No.2 Street Tutorial

No.4 Import Streets Tutorial

No.5 Import Shapes Tutorial

No.6 Basic Shape Grammar Tutorial



Exercises will be graded. A not submitted exercise will be graded with “failed”.
Support requests by email iaurbansim@arch.ethz.ch are possible anytime.