Dipl Ing Christine Meixner



Christine Meixner is a researcher and software engineer at the Chair for Information Architecture at ETH Zurich, where she works in the areas of touchscreen devices and information visualization for risk management and strategy planning. She received a diploma in mechanical engineering (1996) and an intermediate diploma in electrical engineering (1997) from Friedrich-Alexander-Universit├Ąt Erlangen (Germany), and a diploma in textile engineering (2005) from TU Dresden (Germany). She has a strong technical background and worked 15 years in several industry branches (civil engineering, power plant engineering, textile engineering). In parallel to her full-time position at ETH, she works on her PhD with the topic “Generation of Anatomy-Based Human Models from Scan Data by Using Skeleton- and Muscle-Driven Body Deformations and Automation Processes”. It is supervised from the textile chair ITM at TU Dresden and will be finished in autumn 2011.