Depthmap Software and Tutorial


Depthmap it a Software developed at UCL for spatial analysis. You can download the program here:

The examples in the course are made with depthmapX 0.26b, which you can download directly here. Please save the zip file to your hard disk and unzip it. You find a folder for Mac and Windows.

A good tutorial to start with is “Introduction to UCL Depthmap 10” by Joao Pinelo and Alasdair Turner. Or you may have a look at the “DepthmapManual14a” by Akkelies van Nes, Chunyan Song, Abdelbaseer A. Mohamed.

A helpful glossyry for the Space Syntax terms by Björn Klarqvist can be found here.

BasicPlans : Floorplan and WeimarCity.
BasicPlans2: Include the campus BUW example.
ZurichMap: Example Street Network.

You can download depthmaX also via the official UCL website and register there for free: .
After registration you can download the Depthmap package with a Mac and Windows version in the release folder.

If the software doesn’t work on your computer (propably on mac) you need to install the Qt Libraries (4.8.X) for the OS you are using. Please find the files in the link below: (thanks a lot to Tasos Varoudis for this information!).

You can add your own calculations in depthmap using SalaScript. Here you find the tutorial:

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