Creative Data Mining Timetable

16.02.2015 Introduction to Classification
 What is it good for and how is it used. The pizza example
 23.02.2015  Introduction to the Environment
 Including R Studio in your digital toolchain. The AI example.
 02.03.2015  The Math underneath
 The Simplicity of Machine Learning. The Flower example.
 09.03.2015  Automatic Collage 
 The Sketch-Scan-Render Workflow. The buildingblock example.
 16.03.2015  Seminar week (No lecture)
 23.03.2015  Kick-Off Project Work
 Brainstorming, Discussion and Roadmap.
30.03.2015 Applied Classification
Algorithms, Data and Usecases. Student project.
20.04.2015 Workshop I – Analysis
Finishing the first half of the student project.
27.04.2015 Urban Sensing and Simulation
Automatic data acquisition and Urban Hacking. Project work Q&A.
04.05.2015 Workshop II – Interpretation
Finalising the individual project work.
11.05.2015 Final iA critique
Combined critique with the other iA courses