MSc CS Artem Chirkin


Artem Chirkin has graduated a double-degree programme in Computational Science at University of Amsterdam and ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg before coming to ETH. His MSc research project aimed at forecasting the execution time of complex scientific applications in heterogeneous environment using Machine Learning and Statistics methods.

Artem’s doctoral thesis title:
Evaluating Symmetry and Order in Urban Design
A computational approach to predicting perception of order based on analysis of design geometry

Artem Chirkin aims at establishing a link between computable symmetry and perception of order in the context of an urban design. In his work, he uses computational methods in an attempt to measure symmetry featured in the design geometry. At the same time, he employs statistical methods to predict the human perception of the design orderliness. Then, he combines the developed symmetry measures and the orderliness rankings in a machine learning model to analyze the relation between the two.

To facilitate his research and support other educational and research projects, Artem Chirkin develops Quick Urban Analysis Kit (qua-kit). Qua-kit is a web platform for simple urban design editing, sharing, and discussion. Qua-kit is integrated into a series of massive open online courses (MOOCs) called Future Cities, which is developed by the chair of Information Architecture. Qua-kit serves our students as an educational tool and serves us as a source of thousands of urban design submissions available for analysis.
The live version of qua-kit is available at

Artem’s research work and development of qua-kit are a part of ADvISE project, which is funded by SNSF (Project IZLRZ1_164056).