Dr Remo Burkhard



Dr. Remo Burkhard is the Managing Director of the Singapore-ETH Centre. He was instrumental in building up the SEC Future Cities Laboratory (http://www.futurecities.ethz.ch), a leading research institute with 140 researchers. As entrepreneur, he founded and established the company vasp datatecture GmbH (http://www.vasp.ch) with operations in Switzerland and Singapore. He also established a Knowledge Management Consultancy at the University of St. Gallen (http://www.unisg.ch) and built up for Prof. Schmitt the Chair of Information Architecture at ETH Zurich (http://www.ia.arch.ethz.ch).

Dr. Burkhard wrote his PhD thesis in knowledge visualization and complexity management at ETH Zurich. He has written over 30 scientific publications and organized several large conferences. His areas of expertise are Management Innovations, Knowledge Visualization, Computer Simulation and Information Architecture, Software Development, Graphical User Interface, Information Management, Value Lab, Intellectual Property Innovations. He initiated and conceputalised the ETH Value Lab (http://www.valuelab.ethz.ch) and has contributed to tools such as the Visual Manager (http://www.visual-manager.ch) and promoting alternatives to PowerPoint Presentations through his talks about Visual Storytelling as well as the SketchAcademy (http://www.sketchacademy.com). He is a keynote speaker in Europe and Asia.

Dr. Burkhard is dedicated to results and combines visionary thinking and pragmatic problem solving while combining the best of academia and industry.