Thesis Elective: For Garbage

The Collaborative Course is focused on the environmental problem of the Big Garbage Patch in The Pacific Ocean and the architects contribution to solving dramatically rising amount of plastics in the lifecycle of the planet. The course will go through different phases of discussions, lectures, experiments, design and perhaps fabrication of the masterpieces. It will have a weekly regime and will be held in cooperation with Prag Faculty of Architecture using videoconference and multitouch screens of the Value Lab.

The elective course on behalf of Thesis Elective with the topic FOR GARABAGE is focused on collaboration between students from different countries over distance using all the equipment of the Value Lab. From holding presentations and having discussions with Prague students we will go over to development of designs including the initial part of the design process: sketching. We will use the bright new application exclusively developed only for this purpose. The topic of garbage is a very painfull problem in all countries an we will try to find out the possible contribution of Architects. We will analyze the problem, discuss the solutions and design, vizualize and fabricate the visual outputs. We shall end up with an Exposition.


Time + Place:
Mo, 13.45 – 17.45, HIT ValueLab/Meetingroom iA H31

Katerina Novakova (
Henri Achten (