Modelling dream cities

The Sonntagszeitung published an article on city planning issues on February 12, 2012. Read about urban simulation modelling and the Future Cities Laboratory, with statements from ETH Professors Gerhard Schmitt and Vittorio Lampugnani.

Sonntagszeitung 12-02-12

MEng Chen Zhong

Research Assistant & PhD Student

Chen Zhong is a PhD student at ETH Zurich’s Future Cities Laboratory in Singapore. She obtained her MEng from LIESMARS of Wuhan University (China). She studied at Ecole Centrale de Nantes as an exchange student in 2010, and after that, she got an internship at AVIZ – INRIA (France). In February 2011, she started her PhD studies at the Future Cities Laboratory. Her research interests include 3DGIS, spatiotemporal visualisation, and urban simulation. Currently, she is working on parametric urban information modeling of dynamic data, such as material flows in urban space, and aims at building a GIS-based information model to support the Future Cities Laboratory’s simulation platform.